Every story has a beginning, take the first step to becoming a nursing professional. Let your story begins at Alisab School of Nursing!
Alisab School of Nursing is a provider of nursing assistant and healthcare training programs from its strategically located in the heart of Arlington, Virginia. We are proud to become the fastest growing Nursing in the region. As we strived to provide affordable tuition for all students. (ALISAB) ensure that, every students is well prepared with the knowledge and skills to provide safe, compassionate, and competent care for their patients.
Today, many of our graduates take part in the staff of hospitals, nursing homes, home health care agencies, Assisted Living, and various other health care settings. We believe that imparting our knowledge to the new generation of nurses will ultimately enhance the health of the community. After all, our goal is to be a valuable functioning part of the society we live in.
By training healthcare professionals, we hope that we are raising the standards of health services that preserve the wellbeing of individuals and families. Join us and become a nursing assistant or certified medication technician. Let us guide you in your first steps to become a healthcare professional.