Students will learn the skills and knowledge needed to earn the Virginia State Nursing Home Nurse Aide Certification. The total of hours of the Home Health Aide Program is 40 hours. Students will spend a minimum of eighty (30) hours in class room and minimum of forty (10) hours of supervised clinical experience instructor in a skill labs setting with 100% accuracy for all skills.


The program will cover the following objective for HHA


1. Defining Home Health Services

  • Home Health Care
  • Agency Structure
  • HHA’s Role

2. Foundation of Client Care

  • Communication
  • Infection Prevention
  • Safety and Body Mechanics
  • Emergencies

3. Understanding Clients

  • Culture and Family
  • Body Systems
  • Human Development

4. Client Care

  • Maintaining Mobility, Skin, and Comfort
  • Personal Care Procedures
  • Vital Signs
  • Special Procedures

5. Special Clients, Special Needs

  • Disabilities and Mental Illnesses
  • Special Conditions

6. Home Management and Nutrition

  • The Client’s Environment
  • Proper Nutrition
  • Managing Time and Money

7. Caring for Yourself

  • Continuing Education
  • Stress Management
  • Your Career